Operational Concepts
Be grateful, integrity, eternal, humility and respectful to meet win-win.
Create value for customer: aim of enterprise is to create new values constantly. During this process, products and services needed by customers will be innovated and developed naturally to make us closer to our goals to create highest and best values for customers.
  Develop together with our employees: development of enterprise cannot be realized without hard-working and efforts of every employee. How to establish good relationship between enterprise and employee has been our significant topic. Innovation and individuality are respected and efforts are concentrated to train competent specialist for each position. Besides, good living environment has been created to realize the mutual development of enterprise and employees.
Make contributions to industry: development of each enterprise shall push forward of the industrial development. And industrial order shall be kept by each enterprise.    
   Be responsible for the chain partner: each partner in the chain is significant for the development of enterprise and industry. We make great efforts to establish business partnership with each partner on the basis of mutual trust, mutual openness, risk-shared and benefit shared.
 Make benefits for society: as important part of society, enterprise focuses on social development, especially local social development and progress. Besides, all employees are encouraged to participate in the social charity activities.
Co-exist with environment: there are related regulations in our strategies, policies and principles to support our leading in environment protection to co-exist harmoniously with environment!

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