General rubber cable
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Product description
I, cable conductor for a long time to allow the operating temperature: silicone rubber insulated cable is 180, the highest for the other cable 60.
II, YQW, YZW, YCW type cable with the weather and a certain oil resistance, suitable for outdoor or contact with oil.
Product standard
I, 60245IEC03 (YG), the implementation of GB5013.3 "heat resistant silicone rubber insulated cable
II, 60245IEC53 (YZ), 60245IEC57 (YZW), 60245IEC66 (YCW) implementation of GB5013.4 standards
III, 60245IEC70 (YTB), 60245IEC74 (YT), 60245IEC75 (YTF) implementation of GB5013.5 standards
V, 60245IEC81 (YH), 60245IEC82 (YHF) implementation of the GB5013.6 welding machine cable
YQ, YQW,, YZ, YZW, YZB, YZWB, YC, YCW, JB8735.2,, "general rubber sheathed flexible cable".
Product main model
Product type voltage
Product name
Product use
Test voltage (pressure time of 5 minutes)
Heat resistant silicone rubber insulated cable
For high temperature resistance
60IEC53 (YZ) 300/500V
Ordinary rubber cord
Used in various mobile electrical equipment and tools
6024IEC57 (YZW) 300/500V
The general chloroprene rubber cord
60245IEC66 (YCW) 450/750V
Heavy rubber sheathed flexible cable
For all kinds of mobile devices and can withstand a large mechanical force
60245IEC701 (YTB) 300/500V
60245IEC74 (YT) 300/500V
60245IEC (YTF) 300/500V
Braided lift cable
High strength rubber sleeve lift cable
Rubber sheathed lift cable
Used in all kinds of elevator
60245IEC81 (YH)
General rubber sheathed electric welder cable
Electric welding machine
60245IEC82 (YHF)
Cable of the electric welding machine of the electric welding machine of the rubber
YQW300/500V, YQ
Light rubber sheathed flexible cable
Equipment and tools for light mobile
YZW300/500V, YZ
Medium sized rubber sheathed flexible cable
YZWB, 300/500V YZB
Medium sized flexible flat cable
YCW450/750V, YC
Heavy rubber sheathed flexible cable
For all kinds of mobile electrical equipment and can withstand the larger mechanical force
300/500V YHD
Rubber insulated power cable for field use
Used in a variety of field mobile electrical equipment and tools

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