Rated voltage 35kV and the following insulated aerial cable
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Product description
The product by pressing copper, aluminum (aluminum alloy) conductor, the inner shield and weathering type insulating materials and an outer shielding layer, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, safe and reliable. It not only has excellent electrical properties of electric cables and overhead cable strong physical and mechanical properties. Due to the use of weather resistant insulating material, the product has excellent resistance to atmospheric aging, compared with bare wire, this product has the advantages of small installation space, high reliability, especially for high-rise buildings, jungle areas and the use of harsh climate regions.
Application Features
I, cable rated voltage and the implementation of standards: GB/T12527 1kV; GB/T 10kV 14049; GB/T14049 35kV
II, the cable is allowed to work for a long time: the polyethylene insulation is 70, and the insulation is 70, and the insulation is 90.
III, short circuit (the longest time no more than 5 seconds), the highest temperature of the cable: polyethylene insulation is 130, polyvinyl chloride insulation is 160, and the insulation is 250
IV, cable laying environment temperature is not less than -20
V, the cable is used for the environment temperature ~40 for -40, the relative humidity of the rainy season is no more than 90%
VI, cable permissible bending radius: rated voltage up to and including 1kV cable: cable diameter D25 is less than or equal to mm, bending radius of not less than 4D; outer diameter of cable D>25mm and bending radius of not less than 6D; rated voltage 10kV, 35kV Cable: single core cable: 20x (D+d) + 5%; multicore cables: 15x (D+d) + 5%; type D for the actual outer diameter of cable mm, d-lysergic cable conductor of the actual outer diameter
VII, derived products
1) aluminum alloy overhead insulated cables; 2) parallel cluster overhead cable; 3) water blocking overhead cable; 4) non-standard insulated overhead cable.

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