Wind power cable
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Product description
The cable is particularly suitable for rated voltage 1.8/3kV and below and connections between the various electrical appliances in the wind turbine, for cabin cabinet, cabinet of the tower and the internal connection; between the cabin cabinet and yaw motor, generator fan, a slip ring, a cabin lights and navigation lights, and all kinds of heating electrical connection. Cable can be free to move, free suspension or fixed installation. Especially in the case of free suspension, the cable can be completely free to swing with the wind.
Cable design
Conductor: Fifth kinds of annealed copper conductor, VDE 0295/IEC60228 DIN, cable conductor by special optimization design;
Insulation: insulation materials with mechanical and electrical insulation properties of EPR for insulation;
Wire core identification: wire core color based on VDE0293 DIN (HD308) requirements;
Sheath: the use of rubber or other equivalent material, with oil resistance, low temperature resistance, light resistance, excellent characteristics;
Jacket color: black.
Voltage level: 450/750V, 0.6/1kV, 1.8/3kV;
The maximum allowable operating temperature of the conductor is 90, and the maximum allowable short-circuit temperature of the conductor is 250 (the longest 5 seconds);
Fixed installation, transportation and storage of the minimum allowable temperature: -45;
The minimum bending radius of the cable is 6D;
The cable has excellent flexibility, fully meet the requirements of professional torsion and load test.

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