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Product description
"Renda" brand EMU, locomotive, subway and light rail special cable are the implementation of the latest version of the existing standards, products have 3C, CRCC recognition and related standards of recognition, our company can provide GB/T12528, TB/T1484, EN50306, EN50264, EN50382, NFF63808, NFF63826, XPF63827 and enterprises standard single core, core, thin-walled, shielding and high temperature for all kinds of products for the user and for the EMU, locomotives and cars, subway cars and light rail vehicles matching. Can also be involved in the design of special needs of user research and development of special supporting products. "Renda" brand of locomotive vehicle cable Tangshan railway vehicle Co., Ltd. exported to Kazakhstan locomotive vehicle supporting production.
Special low smoke halogen free single core cable for EMU, locomotive and vehicle, subway and light rail
One, the main technical performance of cable:
Implementation of standards: TB/T1484, GB/T12528; product model: WDZ-DCYJ-125;
Rated voltage: 750V, 1500V, 3000V; nominal cross section: 1.5-240mm2;
Temperature characteristics: long-term working temperature 125, short circuit overload temperature can reach 250 (5S);
The cable has excellent insulating properties, physical mechanical properties and resistance to high temperature performance, the flame-retardant cable to GB/T18380.1 in of the single vertical burning test and GB / C class combustion test requirements, and has good softness characteristics and wear resistance, low smoke halogen-free characteristics. The conductivity of less than or equal to 10 mu s/mm; cable smoke transmittance of more than 80% combustion; pH = 4.3; halogen content is less than 5mg/g.
Two, applicable scope:
WDZ-DCYJ-125 type cable used in EMU, down road, subway, light rail and passenger cars are relatively closed, people focus, as well as the flame retardant, smoke, toxicity, and other requirements of harsh environment, especially suitable for EMU, railway locomotives, railway vehicles, light rail and bus internal power distribution cabinet and power supply system. Especially for the safety performance requirements of high fuel, smoke density (transmittance) and flame retardant, etc..
Special non halogen single core cable for EMU, locomotive and vehicle, subway and light rail

I, the main technical performance of cable

Product model: WDZ-DCYJ/B-125; rated voltage; 750V;
Nominal cross section: 0.5mm2 ~ 6mm2;
The operating temperature range of -60 to +125 can be reached for a long time, and the working temperature can reach 250 degrees (no more than 5S).
The product of insulation and sheath is made of thin layer extrusion of special high strength organic polymer materials, thus greatly improving the physical and mechanical properties of the finished product, which has high strength and flexibility, also has excellent anti abrasion resistant properties; fine structure, light weight: fine tin plated copper conductors twisted, thin insulation, sheath structure, overall greatly reduces the structure and size of the products, can also reduce product unit weight. Oil resistance: high strength and high toughness of the insulation, sheath material can withstand most types of grease and all kinds of corrosion. Especially for tolerance material oil and mineral oil performance more excellent; flame retardant and non halogen properties: flame retardant performance fully meet the requirements of GB12666.2DZ-1 single vertical burning test, insulation and sheath materials completely non halogenated, does not produce harmful gases such as hydrogen halide and smoke when burning. Therefore we can say is a low damage wire.
II, applicable scope:
Mainly used in all kinds of EMU, locomotive and vehicle, subway and light rail and other 750V following the power transmission and control system.
125 grade cross-linked polyolefin insulated flexible core control cable
I, the main technical performance of cable
Product model: LEX/1 (P) S, S (P) LEX/3 125 for low smoke halogen free crosslinked polyolefin insulation and sheath soft core (shielded) control cable;
Rated voltage: 750V; nominal cross section: 4mm2 ~ 0.75mm2;
The long-term allowable operating temperature of the cable conductor shall not exceed 125;
Cable laying environment: S (P) LEX cable can be used in S (P) LEX/3 cable which is not affected by mineral oil and fuel oil pollution;
The laying temperature of the cable is -25, and the minimum temperature of cable is -40 (dynamic -25);
The bending radius of the cable laying: the conductor adopts multi strand flexible copper wire structure, an increase of flexible cable, the bending radius is smaller, so as to make the cable in a small space, laying. Namely: when the cable diameter D is equal to or less than 10mm, bending radius R is equal to or larger than 2D; when the 20mm is greater than or equal to D>10mm, bending radius R is equal to or more than 4D. When D>20mm. In bending radius R is greater than or equal to 6D.
II, applicable scope
Mainly used in all kinds of EMU, locomotive and vehicle, subway and light rail 750V and below the power transmission and control system.
(Yi Bing) - the chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulated locomotive and vehicle (wire)
I, the main technical performance of cable
Product type and name: DCH/3-100 100, grade, grade chlorine sulfonated polyethylene insulation, EMU, special cable
DCEH/3-100 100 C grade ethylene propylene insulated chlorosulfonated polyethylene sheathed cables for EMU
Rated voltage: 750V, 1500V, 3000V;
Nominal cross section: 0.5mm2 ~ 300mm2;
The maximum use temperature of the conductor is 100, and the minimum cable laying temperature is -25;
Cable not only has excellent physical and mechanical and electrical performance, but also has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, high oil resistance, ozone resistance, mildew and flame retardant properties.
II, applicable scope
This product is suitable for railway and mines and other types of vehicles and ships, oil platforms and other equipment installation and use. Especially suitable for mineral oil, fuel oil pollution and flame retardant demanding environment.
Control cable for rated voltage 450/750V and following rubber insulation and sheath for locomotive and vehicle
I, the main technical performance of cable
Product model and name: DCK rubber insulated and chlorinated polyethylene jacket special control cable DCKP rubber insulation (including shielded wire core), the special control cable DCKPJ rubber insulation (including shielded wire core), chlorine sulfonated polyvinyl chloride sheathed special control cable
Rated voltage: 450/750V; nominal cross section: 2.5mm2 ~ 0.75mm2
The cable conductor is used for a long time, and the minimum temperature is -40 and the laying temperature is not less than -25.
The bending radius of cable laying cable diameter: D = 20mm, R = 3D, D>20mm outer diameter of cable, R = 5D.
II, applicable scope
This product is suitable for 450/750V and the following locomotive and vehicle lighting, communications, electrical and the power connection between the body. The product can be used in the occasion of mineral oil pollution.

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