Marine Projects
 Marine projects aim to develop, apply, protect and recover the marine energy. The main body of marine projects are located in new-construction, modified-construction and expanded construction from the offshore to sea. Generally speaking, the main content of marine projects can be divided into energy development technology and equipment technology, including in detail, sea reclaim, offshore dam, artificial islands, sea and seabed material storage facilities, cross-sea bridges, and seabed tunnels, submarine electric (optical) cable engineering, projects of marine mineral resources exploration and exploitation, and ancillary works, marine energy exploitation and utilization project which include maritime tidal power stations, wave power stations, stations based on temperature difference and so on, seawater comprehensive utilization project which includes large seawater farms, and artificial fish-reefs, salt field,  sea water desalinization and so on, marine entertainment and sports, landscape developmental projects, as well as other marine projects regulated by State Oceanic Administration Department in conjunction with the environmental protection departments under State Council.
Marine cables are those special for all kinds of marine projects, such as power, control and gauge cables applied for all kinds of drilling molds, oil exploration platform. Their remarkable characteristics include high mechanical strength, oil and mud resistance, anti-ultraviolet, bunched combustion or fire resistance, temperature resistance and so on.

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